Avivo Lighting Limited
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Halo Range

Halo- A recent launch of a magnificent solid hand finished, Diamond-cut crystal detailed chandelier. Beautifully designed, watch as light shimmers and sparkles through as each reflection is caught. We create and manufacturer our own beautiful collections enabling us to offer a bespoke service to turn clients designs from concept to reality.

  • MD130115-1A Avivo Lighting Limited JadalniaOświetlenie


    Polished steel, LED/24W/2700K, Solid brilliant cut crystal.

  • MD130115-3A Avivo Lighting Limited JadalniaOświetlenie


    Polished steel, LED/24W/2700K, Solid brilliant cut crystal.

  • MD130115-3B Avivo Lighting Limited JadalniaOświetlenie


    Polished steel, LED/72W/2700K, Solid brilliant cut crystal.

  • Display Unit - NEC, Brimingham Avivo Lighting Limited Centra wystawowe

    Display Unit – NEC, Brimingham

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