first digital surveillance Los Angeles
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We received professional service. We trusted First Digital Surveillance for the home security camera setup at our newly constructed home and they did a quality job. Thank you so much, we sleep so peacefully knowing we are protected.
około rok temu
Shawn was prompt and efficient, didn't make a mess. Installed the new CCTV system and showed me that it worked fine. Thank you!
około rok temu
Great company and great staff! They installed a commercial security camera installation in our warehouse. Shawn and his team were well trained and very professional. We will use them again in the future. Thank you!
około rok temu
Great job! They explained the new cameras I got installed with amazing clarity. Very pleased with the work, thank you!
około rok temu
I really appreciate the new cctv camera installation we got from First Digital. This is really modern where I can monitor my home at any given point during the day, and a fantastic system where I get specially notified when there are movements. Great solution!
ponad rok temu
We have been very pleased with First Digital Surveillance so far. The installation was quick and we have had no issues so far. Shawn always responds to our calls in case we have any questions about the user interface. I would recommend them to others in a heartbeat!
10 miesięcy temu
Their security camera installation cost was very competitive and their solution was just right for us. They didn't disappoint us with their work either, completed the security camera installation without any damages to the walls or ceiling. Great work!
ponad rok temu
Thank you for a cost-effective commercial security camera installation at our office. I really was in two minds about doing it this year, but First Digital is a very professional company that has solutions to suit every budget.
około rok temu
We recently got a security camera system installation done on our campus and the university staff overseeing the project gave me very positive feedback about First Digital Surveillance. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for commercial security camera installation solutions.
ponad rok temu
Really love the quick and precise manner in which the cctv camera installation got completed. Shawn is a gem of a person, he took the time to explain how to use the system in detail. I strongly recommend this company.
ponad rok temu
Very quick turnaround time and very professional. Went the extra mile to get everything installed in one day.
12 miesięcy temu
It is with great appreciation and satisfaction that I recommend First Digital Surveillance. Shawn and Omar and the entire installation crew was nothing short of professional, helpful, and caring to make certain they delivered what was contracted for, and then some. Taking care to ensure our satisfaction in the outcome, they did what it took to make sure the alarm and surveillance camera systems work throughout our 50k facility. I selected First Digital Surveillance based on the strength of their reviews and am pleased to offer my recommendation as well. FDS continues to follow up every month or so which is greatly appreciated. They have been quick to respond to questions that have arisen. First Digital is a First Class operation. Steve B Beth Shalom of Whittier Whittier, CA
około 5 lat temu
Not sure how they have a perfect 5 star, as they are not calling back or responding back after an install. I've been trying to get a hold of them for the past 5 days, just 1 week after they did an install. seems like once they have the money they will not respond. The phone line goes to an answering service, its not their company. IF they do not respond back I will be writing a full review of this place. NOTE TO Shawn or Mo: if you are reading this call me back!
prawie 3 lata temu
I got in touch with Shawn in customer support after hearing positive things about the company. He talked me through the different packages and provided guidance about the most suitable plan for our office needs. The installation was planned for the weekend and their engineers did a wonderful job. Helped us save hundreds of dollars too.
ponad 3 lata temu
Shawn and his crew did an amazing job in installing CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras System for my apartment buildings in hollywood and los angeles area. I always have problems to try to kick bad tenants until I was told by my attorney to install a high definition CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras System. I contacted shawn from first digital surveillance who was referrd to me by a friend who used his service over 7 years ago for his apartment buildng in long beach. Shawn gave me a good proposal and installed a very good CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras System for my building in los angeles. I was able to evict 2 tenants because off the footage recorded by shawn security system and i am in process to evict more. I highly recommend shawn and his crew for well done security cameras installation job.
około 6 lat temu
Apparently Shawn makes his own cctv cameras. During our conversation he was pretty upset when I told him that I want a specific camera and would pay for the installation. Its a fairly simple concept, I think. If I'm looking for a camera and want to purchase it (even through him), i should be able to do so and would pay for the installation. There is no magic in cameras and digital systems. They either work or don't. But Shawn disagrees, he won't work with you if you don't buy his cameras. To his defense, its not just Shawn that does this. The security camera industry in LA is joke. I had to call a dozen retailers and only a handful would order your desired cameras and install it. Its all smoke and mirrors and as customers we want transparency. Thanks Shawn for knowing better but not all industries are oblivious.
4 miesiące temu
I accidentally changed the settings on our security system over the weekend. I expected to wait for a response but the got back to me Monday morning and corrected the issue, NO CHARGE!!
4 miesiące temu
Shawn and Omar are very responsive & always helpful!
5 miesięcy temu
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