​Before and After: An Old Flat Gets Rescued

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​Before and After: An Old Flat Gets Rescued

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Whether you choose to call it a renovation, a facelift, or a designer makeover, there is no denying the fabulous appeal of re-discovering a creation’s beauty upon its reincarnated state. 

Today’s ‘before and after’ piece takes place in a 52-square metre apartment that had most definitely seen better days. Some spaces were worse off than others, but the overall residence most definitely deserved some special “me” time. 

Let’s take a look at the hideous befores, and then the beautiful afters.

Before: the dated entry hall

PRZEDPOKÓJ PRZED METAMORFOZĄ: styl , w kategorii  zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Klasyczny
Better Home


Better Home

We all know the importance of the entry hall: it’s the space that greets your visitors, which means it should be a fabulous reflection of your personal taste and style. In layman’s terms – it needs to be pretty! 

Unfortunately, this entry hall was not the desired space that one wishes to flaunt for your guests. That timber wallpaper may have been fashionable once upon a time, but has no business being in a sleek and modern layout. And while the sideboard does show promise, it is a bit unsuited for this particular space due to its large size.

After: an elegant entrance

PRZEDPOKÓJ PO METAMORFOZIE: styl , w kategorii Korytarz, przedpokój zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Skandynawski
Better Home


Better Home

Now this is how you make an entrance. This room looks positively larger and cleaner, thanks to a bunch of stylish amendments, not the least of which involved the ripping out of the old wallpaper and replacing it with a tranquil-toned white. 

A charming bookcase takes up just the right amount of space here, and contrasts beautifully with the surrounding whites and dusty-toned flooring (which is also brand new). 

This transformation seems most promising. Shall we see what else transpired?

Before: the dark living room

SALON PRZED METAMORFOZĄ: styl , w kategorii  zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Klasyczny
Better Home


Better Home

Well, what do we have here? A very uninspiring living room with a single light bulb, resulting in a dim-looking space. And those worn-out floorboards are simply begging for a sanding and re-varnishing, while the discoloured walls could do with a few fresh coats of paint. 

But it’s not all negative: the room is definitely spacious enough for promise, and with the adjoining balcony, we can see that some natural light can also do wonders if lured in correctly.

After: a gleaming space

SALON PO METAMORFOZIE: styl , w kategorii Salon zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Skandynawski
Better Home


Better Home

Yes, yes, and yes again! The designers transformed this drab and dreary room into something that far exceeded even our expectations. 

What did you notice first? The new white walls and ceiling? The light timber floorboards that have replaced the older ones? The fresh sunshine streaming in from the balcony? The new furniture pieces that exude a classic and elegant vibe? 

We just love this colour palette: glamorously neutral, with a few natural tones (lilacs and greens) popping up here and there for a bit of charm.

Before: a nightmarish kitchen

KUCHNIA PRZED METAMORFOZĄ: styl , w kategorii  zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Klasyczny
Better Home


Better Home

What is supposed to be the heart of the home was like the main source for nightmares. We’re not quite sure which is worst here: that hideous wallpaper; the dying flowers on the cabinet; the clutter which seems to have overtaken the entire room; or maybe it’s a combination of all these, and more, that made this kitchen space seem like a madhouse. 

Some people would have resorted to just burning this kitchen down. Fortunately, our designers saw an opportunity where others saw horror, and got to work.

After: the dreamy new culinary spot

KUCHNIA PO METAMORFOZIE: styl , w kategorii Kuchnia zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Skandynawski
Better Home


Better Home

Ah, bring on those five-star meals, for we are inspired to cook! We can see right away that the new open-plan design is a splendid vision of white. The new cabinets add a sleek touch to the room, while the additional décor and accessories are just the right amount in order not to resort to a cluttered look.

Before: a dark and dingy bedroom

SYPIALNIA PRZED METAMORFOZĄ: styl , w kategorii  zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Klasyczny
Better Home


Better Home

When imagining your dream space, how often do you conjure up visions of dark corners, old walls, dim lighting, and a cluttered look? This bedroom looks more like a storage room which the people have forgotten about.

We need some personality, some charm, and some serious style.

After: the soft and cosy space

SYPIALNIA PO METAMORFOZIE: styl , w kategorii Sypialnia zaprojektowany przez Better Home,Skandynawski
Better Home


Better Home

Our designers delivered, and here we find a master bedroom that is much more suitable for the task of delivering sweet dreams.

Cream and off-white tones create a beautiful sense of space, maximising the light in the room superbly. Both the décor and colours add a touch of feminine style – an improvement light years away from where we started off. 

If you would like to witness other fabulous transformations, then have a look at: Before and After: The Luxurious Loft.

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