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​Before and After: The Luxurious Loft

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Here on homify, we are big fans of attics and loft spaces – they inject some much-needed extra room into a home, which can be used for a range of functions, from storage spaces to creating an extra bedroom.

Today on ‘before and after’, we take a look at an attic space that was in serious need of some TLC before it could accomplish anything. Interior architects Schulz.Rooms, located in Bremen, Germany, took charge of this project.

Let’s see what transpired…

Before: a cluttered mess

What a mess! No wonder the homeowners decided to do something about this space. Kudos to them for using it as a storage area, but it seems that the storage got a bit out of hand. 

But regardless, our interior architects stepped, got to work, and presented their clients with this…

After: a dreamy bathroom

From cramped attic to spa-like bathroom – who could have foreseen this stylish change? 

The newly renovated space now flaunts a shower, dressing room, fireplace, and sauna. The modern design is in its full glory here, presenting sleek surfaces, tranquil colours, and ultra fantastic spaces. 

Such warmth, such comfort…

The sleek shower space

The new shower area demands our attention, opting for a slim and sleek style that boasts some sexy greys to boot – this contrasts most effectively with the warm, neutral brown of the timber-panelled walls

To add even more visual space to this new bathroom, the shower door is a slim piece of crystal-clear glass, adding a very modern and attractive look to this new space.

Before: the old staircase

Fortunately, our designers didn’t do a half job when they kick-started this renovation project – that attic staircase was also part and parcel of their makeover plan.

Here we see what the original stairway looked like: tired-looking railings, dirty steps, and glum-looking walls and door that don’t show any promise or potential.

After: the new steps

Fabulous! The new staircase is adorned with some new timber, in a cocoa brown tone with some interesting grain textures. This looks most striking when combined with the crisp-white walls, which not only received a new coat of paint, but also some sparkling lighting fixtures. 

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Before: in need of a change

Looking at one more shot of the ‘before’ space (this time from another angle) shows us just how truly dull and messy it was before our experts stepped in. It is clear that more than a decent clean-up was required to save the day here, as those insulation walls do nothing to boost this attic space’s beauty.

After: one sexy sauna

What do you do after a long, tiring day when a bubble bath just won’t cut it? You step into your stylish new sauna and enjoy feeling those tired muscles relax and your tranquillity levels rise. 

The warm glows cast by the fireplace, candles, and sauna lighting do a fantastic job at making this entire room seem most welcoming. With a bathroom such as this, who needs to fork out for spa treatment?

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