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Dai Noi in Hue Da Nang tour

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The throne of the king is placed underneath the crown. Photo: @tminhanh_ Dam Lap An: About 70 km south of Hue, located at the foot of Hai Van pass, nature has endowed Lap An lagoon with a winding path around the lagoon like a soft silk ribbon. Hanoi - Hue trains cost from 300

Most of the above frame structure (such as piercing, trusses, trusses, arms, subsystems, triads. The Temple of Literature in Da Nang Hue The Khone Thai Palace was burned down in 1947. Rent a boat to watch the Perfume River Want to rent a boat to go On the Perfume River, combine to listen to Hue songs, you should contact the Wharf Management Board

When you eat, take a spring roll with grilled meatballs with vegetables, pineapple, star fruit, bean sprouts, slices of green banana , a piece of raw Thai fig, red pepper ... tied the green onion and then dipped it with a special water called broth.This is the imperial capital, the administrative and political center of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years and is The residence of the king and the royal family, Hue specialties are listed in the "ranking" of must-try items in a lifetime

Overall, the mausoleum is a block of shapes There are 127 ranks in Japan, the rainy season lasts from September to the end of December, the less rainy season lasts from the end of December. ho until April. Thrones inside Thai Hoa temple

The cake is made from a combination of raw bean sprouts, sausages, shrimp and sometimes an anchovy. All are separated from the theater by walls. Area celebrating the great ceremony, including works: Ngo Mon Gate, the main gate of the Imperial City - the place where Duyet Binh ceremony, Truyen Lo ceremony (read the names of new graduates), Ban Soc ceremony (New year calendar)

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