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Note when touring Ba Na Hills

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The average humidity in Ba Na is up to 93%, so fog often appears in the afternoon and after thunderstorms create a wonderful cool feeling. In order to serve the needs of tourism discovery, relaxation and spiritual tourism of many tourists, Ba Na Cable Car Service Joint Stock Company has invested in building Ba Na - Suoi Mo cable car and officially declared This cable car line falls on March 25, 2009 after 12 months of construction and 2 months of preparation. You should come here most suitable from April to September each year

(also the third block recently put into service is from Mo stream station to Indochine station). Travel offers experiences: it gives people the opportunity to see different sights, eat different foods, enjoy different services, as a new world opens up. At the Wax Museum, you will be able to see and take pictures without limits with wax replicas of many famous people from around the world such as US President Barack Obama, singer Victoria Adam, basketball player Michael Jordan, composer Park Jae Sang ... According to Ba Na Hill history, Debay wine cellar is known as an extremely unique architectural work built by the French with the present age of nearly 100 years. age

In 1938, Ba Na was put on an 8-day car tour by Indochina Tourism Bureau by car from Saigon - Da Lat - Nha Trang - Quy Nhon - Da Nang - Hue - Vinh - Hanoi - Hai Phong and vice versa. 00, belonging to the complex of Thien Thai garden area, located at altitude 1. This is the place where the French meet, exchange and organize gala dinner, dance, festival ... In 1945, when the French left Vietnam Nam and Ba Na were forgotten and the cellar also suffered the same fate that was abandoned for a long time and partly destroyed by bombs

Currently the wax display area owns 49 works Exquisite wax paintings, made by Italian artists, are copies of world-famous movie stars, musicians, business people, politicians such as singer Lady Gaga, actress Jackie Chan, former US President Barack Obama, businessman Steve Job, actor Angelina Jolie ... The French village is designed based on the outlines in the missionary notebook Pigneau De Behaine about his journey across France. full of fun. A steep winding road leads up to the large courtyard to the left of the temple. The form seems to be very expensive because these restaurants are often expensive

There is a fact that most people only stay in Ba Na Hills for one day to have fun, however if If you want something different, you can stay overnight here to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere. Ba Na Hills French Village SUOI DREAM CABLE LINE - BA NA March 25, 2009, Ba Na Hills Tourist Area has put into operation the first one-wire cable car system named Suoi Mo - Ba Na. Cham Stone is the only high-end souvenir shop system in Ba Na Hills with hundreds of diverse and rich models

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