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Menu of dining tour Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon

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Many of their churches here have very beautiful scale and architecture, such as the Tran church, the Truong church, the Nguyen church or the Minh Huong Tien Hien church. 920 beds, belonging to the hospitals of the Central Ministry are 1. Each time he withdraws, he signals out loud voices, such as "Ong roam", "three curls", "four legs"

Leaning against Kim Son mountain is the ancient Quan The Am pagoda and the mysterious Quan Am cave. has brought a unique flavor to raw fish salad. [86] In fact, in the houses of Hoi An, in addition to the general examination, each of the Five Buddhist temples has their own place to burn incense, such as the god of apple worshiping in the kitchen, the god of the Gate burning incense at the gate. Gieng god has a shrine near the well

[33] Located deep in the city, next to Tran Phu street is Phan Chu Trinh street, a new road was built later. Higher education The headquarters of the University of Da Nang, Hai Chau district, Da Nang has 19 universities and institutes; 05 Campus Duy Tan University; 02 FPT University Campus. This is probably a gift from nature to Moc Son Mountain

Office III - Ministry of Planning and Investment. Tour Da Nang to Hoi An Hoi An [38] The neighborhood east of the old town used to be the French street. Currently, the cake is produced and consumed all year round at home and abroad

Cuisine Danang Cuisine is influenced by cuisine in the Central Coast of Vietnam, especially the land of Quang but still has its own characteristics. 249 people, along with other religions such as Master Master with 53 people, Bahá'í with 34 people, Hoa Hao Buddhism with 25 people, Islam with 19 people, at least Brahmin with only 9 people. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain has a majestic landscape with ancient mossy rocks and many unique historical and cultural buildings

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