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6 common living room mistakes (and their solutions)

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We all know the importance of a beautifully styled living room (as it’s one of the most social and open spaces in any house), but are you aware of just how easy it is to undergo a style blunder? Forget about mistakes related to visual aesthetics (such as colours that don’t match, or using too many prints) and think about errors that make the living room cramped, uncomfortable and impractical. 

But not to worry – as always, homify is here to remedy the situation before there is actually a situation.

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Let’s see how to get that living room right with six beautiful examples from professional designers! 

Mistake #1: Going for the showroom look

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With the “showroom look”, we mean a room that looks like all the furniture and decorations were bought from the same store. To generate interest and character in the living room (or any space), it’s important to mix and match different elements to create an eclectic (though not too much) and individualised space. 

So, when styling up your living room, leave room in the budget for lighting, textiles, and accessories after the larger pieces (i.e. sofas and tables) are in place. And shop around! 

Mistake #2: Not following a specific layout

Don’t let your living room walls guide you in terms of where to push the furniture – your goal should be to create distinct groupings with the chairs, tables and accessories. 

First, pick a focal point (like the TV, the fireplace, or a generous window with a gorgeous view). Let your layout flow around that point. But don’t think that you are limited to just one grouping. If you’re blessed with a big space, create one or two other little areas (like a reading nook or a work desk) and arrange those items (i.e. a bookcase, a table/desk) in groupings of their own. 

Just remember that, in the end, it should feel as if all the pieces in your living room were purposefully placed there to work with the rest of the space. Nothing should feel like an afterthought or an impulse purchase. 

Mistake #3: Not mixing periods and styles

Don’t think that just because your house is modern (or Victorian, or Rustic… ) that that should dictate what all your furniture should look like. Be brave enough to mix furniture styles with your architectural style. 

Think about merging contemporary sofas with the traditional crown moulding in a classic-style house. Or bringing some ultra modern glass-coated tables into your shabby-chic, beach-house living room. 

Just pay attention to furniture heights: traditional pieces are usually higher than modern ones. 

Mistake #4: Buying a too-small rug

Considering that a rug anchors the seating / socialising area in a living room, how could you not put some effort into getting one in the right size? In most cases, a living room requires at least a 2.4 m by 3 m rug. Unless the room is really small, don’t settle for anything under 1.8 m by 2.7 m. A 1.2 m by 1.8 m may work next to a bed or in the entryway, but it won’t pull the same style punch in your living room. 

Mistake #5: Not focusing on layering

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One of the most important things to get right in a living room is making it look “lived in”. As in comfortable, open, and welcoming, seeing as how we tend to kick back, relax, and unwind in there. 

Thus, if your living room has a “too empty” look going on, effective layering might be the answer. And that means a combination of the following:

• Wall coverings: Paint, wallpaper

• Floor: Wood, carpet, vinyl

• Furniture: Chairs, tables

• Textiles: Scatter cushions, throws/blankets, area rugs

• Lighting: Layered lighting with various fixtures (i.e. table lamps, wall sconces, and a chandelier / ceiling downlighters)

• Wall hangings: Artwork, framed photos, mirrors

• Décor pieces: Potted plants and flowers, coffee tables books, trinkets.

Try walking around your living room and see which layers are missing. Then, over time, start including them to slowly build character and comfort. But be sure to pick pieces in various shapes, sizes, and textures so that you can see the benefit of additional visual character. 

Mistake #6: Making it too beautiful to enjoy

Let’s be honest: life gets messy, and your living room needs to be accommodating for everyday living. If your household consist of busy kids and pets, go for textiles and rugs that can take the wear and tear of everyday life. There are some fantastic outdoor fabrics that can be used for indoor spaces, perfect for dogs and kids. 

Make the smart choice between a seductive silk rug and a wool one – the latter is much more fitting for a busy home. And always commit to adequate storage space in the living room to contain all of the items such as toys, books, remotes, etc. Don’t overlook a junk drawer or two: you’ll use it much more often than you might think. 

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