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5 key elements of the ideal modern home

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Modern interior designing and architecture have paved their way in the limelight over the years. More and more home owners are fond of this type of style, may it be for their single condominium units, newly-bought houses, and even the renovated ones. Today, we're featuring a sleek and chic family home designed by one of Cebu's brightest architectural companies, Architecture Creates Your Environment Design Studio. Its modern touch wouldn't be complete without its 5 key elements. Read through!

Asymmetrical balance of shape

One of the more informal types of elements known in modern interior design is asymmetrical balance of shapes. This is also a style that has been proven to be more difficult and complex as it looks at the first sight. When it comes to placing various objects in any interior space, in terms of asymmetrical balance, objects with a diverse visual weight are placed in such a way that they essentially balance one another around a singular fulcrum point in the space.

Pictured above, a playful balance of shapes in various sizes scatter all throughout the room. From the straight, vertical assets of the drapes to the edgy style of the straircase, the balance is cohesively asymmetrical. 

The essence of light

Light can be designed in one of two ways: natural and artificial. It’s also one of the many elements of modern space interior design that is important in terms of achieving an amount of harmony within an interior space of any kind. Light is also something that can affect the overall visual perception of an interior element and space in general, making it catch attention over a particular area.

In modern styling, the essence of light is significant as it gives vibrancy in any room. As shown in the bathroom layout, task and accent lighting fixtures are designed in specific areas to give life to the room.

A modern and stylish focal point in the house

Another important element of modern interior design is the element of emphasis, which, in simple terms, talks about the main focal point of an interior space. This is that point of a room where someone’s eye will be caught by a specific piece of furniture, an accessory, or even a particular design. Whatever the object is, it should always be emphasized with elements of interior design such as form, line, texture, and color. 

In this setting, the focal point of the modern family home has definitely got to be the two-seater swing by the terrace area. It's no other ordinary bench or outdoor seating furniture, but it's a fun and quirky swing tossed with comfy cushions for a relaxing spot by the terrace.

Minimal tone and sophisticated hues

Colors are the most noticeable elements in a room as it brings life to the interiors and creates depth and character. For modern styling, not much of loud colors are needed to be offered on the table. Subtle neutral colors are first on the list, followed by tones of whites and greys that balance out the palette. Black and rich browns also add contrast and formality to the style, which is why most modern home designs feature a lot of these shades. A pop of bold color or two may be featured in modern styling, but it can lead more to the complimentary approach of interior designing. 

Torn on which palette to choose for your modern home? Check out this ideabook on ’How to choose the right color for your house’.

Power of space

When interior design proportion is discussed in terms of space, this refers to the overall placement of objects within any kind of interior space. Sensible use of furniture can maximize a space and make it appear larger or smaller. In modern designing, space is absolutely essential as the main goal is to be as crisp and neat as possible. Clean lines and a seamless flow of spaces area featured in modern styling. 

Shown above, the furniture, decor, accessories, and greenery are all well-put together. The area doesn't seem crowded as each component has its own space. This creates an overall polished look for the modern interior design.

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