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7 modern kitchen designs that are still in for 2018

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Times and trends are fleeting – at a moment’s notice, something which was considered “hot” only recently could be “not”. And that is especially true in the design industry, whether it be interior, graphic or fashion. 

But fortunately we here on homify always do our homework, which is why you can rest assured that these modern kitchen designs we are listing today are still considered trendy for 2018 (perhaps even for next year as well). Professional kitchen planners and trend watchers have confirmed that if your kitchen flaunts one or more of these design touches, it’s still considered fresh and new.

So, let’s see which modern kitchen designs are still on 2018’s “hot” list…

1. Modern kitchen designs: A multi-functional island

Far from being a mere focal point in a kitchen, the island has turned into one of the most versatile pieces, which makes it a blessing for both large and small spaces. 

Ticking both ‘food preparation area’ and ‘entertainment spot’ off most homeowners’ lists, modern kitchen islands have also become sought-after pieces for working, dining, homework, gossiping, and a variety of other functions. After all, it’s no secret that the host wants to share in the social ambience of his/her guests, and that’s why a multi-functional island where the cook can, well, cook and the guests can chatter away still remains one of the most sought-after elements for the modern-day kitchen.

2. Modern kitchen designs: Wood-white

2018 has taught us many things, and one of them is the fact that wood-grain and white is the pairing for kitchens. Currently on trend both in South Africa and overseas, this popular mash-up ensures flair, elegance and sophistication to the modern design style.

But why is this pairing so unique? Because it is so simplistic that we can’t believe it hasn’t become a trend sooner! The subtle pairing of wood-grain and white is classic, minimalist and uncomplicated, yet the results of blending textured wood grains (which ensures a feeling of warmth) with clean and clinical white (ideal for creating a feeling of spaciousness) are unexpectedly wonderful and striking.

3. Modern kitchen designs: Thin countertops

Gone are the days when big and bulky countertops were necessary for culinary zones. These days, ultra-thin 13mm countertops are in, so if your kitchen planner isn’t pressing you to experiment with this, by all means! 

Thin countertops are best suited to sleek, modern designs, yet they can also be used in transitional and industrial kitchen designs equally well.

4. Modern kitchen designs: Lots of natural lighting

There’s certainly something to be said for feature lighting fixtures and LED pendants; however, they don’t come close to good old-fashioned sunshine. Plus, natural lighting is free!

There are so many ways in which natural lighting can flood your kitchen: floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors leading out onto the adjoining patio, windows as backsplashes, sky lights, etc. And while it’s true that using your garden/patio as a kitchen feature will require some TLC for your outdoor spaces, the results will be mesmerising. 

Just something to keep in mind: make sure to use double glazing to keep the South African warmth in for winter and the heat out during summer.

5. Modern kitchen designs: Integrated living spaces

Modern-day design teaches us that open-plan living is practical and comfortable – and the kitchen plays a major role here! As we’ve stated, the kitchen has become a hot spot for entertaining and socialising, and it’s become so much easier these days thanks to integrated appliances and advancements in storage solutions. 

But what about the dining- and living spaces now becoming part of your kitchen? Let your cooking zone act as a platform from which the interior can be designed. Clean lines, neutral tones, and interesting textures are always safe, and can make your kitchen a stylish and trendy socialising space without letting it be swallowed up by the dining room or lounge.

6. Modern kitchen designs: Contemporary country

Modern might be “in”, but country or traditional styles certainly know how to flaunt a homey, warm and comfy look. And because it can be very easy to overdo the modern style and end up with a cold and clinical-looking kitchen, the experts have decided to help us play it safe: bring a touch of modern into the country kitchen and call it ‘contemporary country’.

So, your country kitchen can now enjoy a fresh look with more simple lines and finishes. And textures, too. Incorporate darker woods like mahogany and walnut to give a classic kitchen a contemporary feel and textural contrast. Resort to lighting fixtures that look vintage and old-school. And invest in some potted plants and flowers to up your kitchens’ freshness.

7. Modern kitchen designs: Quiet colours

The neutrals will always be timeless, yet our options for colour palettes have become much more varied thanks to so many undertones being mixed in. 

Greys can now be beige-grey; brown can flaunt a touch of green; and white can play with a variety of looks and styles with off-white tints, creamy tones, and even touches of naturals mixed in like baby blues and daisy yellows. 

What’s next for trendy colour palettes? Darker neutrals and dirty pastels, which is so exciting for people who don’t mind experimenting with colour. 

But what about trendy styles for the others rooms in the home? See these Home decor trends for South African homes 2018.

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