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10 unique entrance doors

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Entrance doors are the first introduction a guest can have to a home. It is important to add an entrance door that is an extension of the home, a door that will be welcoming, full of personal style, and personality. The entrance door is a great opportunity to create a good first impression of a home. Don't settle for ordinary when there are so many options. Entrance doors can be colourful, grand, eclectic, modern and more. These entrance doors will inspire anyone to rethink the ordinary and add style to their home entrance.

Contemporary double door

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Reinstalling Character and Charm


A double door can add much style and create a grand entranceway to a home. This double entrance door adds personal style without being too over the top. The doors are slim and made of wood. The colour is a cool sage tone, which is relaxing and welcoming and also looks great with the brick siding of the home. The doors feature 6 windows on each side which will allow for nice natural light to flow into the home. Finally the double doors finish off with two door handles that are fixated at about waiste height of the doors. This entrance door gives off a really welcoming vibe. 

Ultra modern

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Linkside : Outsized Culmax Oriel Bay Windows


Looking for the perfect modern entrance door to go with the rest of a modern home? Look no further. This modern entrance door is ultra chic and high in fashion, going perfectly well with the unique and modern look of the home. The door is made from dark wood horizontal panels. There is a long, vertical window cut out near the left side of he door, allowing for light to flow in the home. The door is surrounded on two sides by statement lighting that highlights the door even more and continues the modern look. Finally my atop the door is an extra large window, again keeping the look chic and modern

Black paneling

This entrance door gives a unique look with several black vertical panels. The panels are joined by silver metal between each one, which looks modern with the black colour. There is a small slot for mail, also silver, which makes the door feel more tradional and welcoming. The door handle is a long, sleek piece of silver metal, returning the door to its modern feel.

Teal surprise

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Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

This entrance door provides a nice pop of colour with a beautiful shade of teal. The door is more tradional in style, made from wood with two small glass windows at the top. There is a slot for mail they is under the two windows, and a nice silver door knob for entrance. It is the colour that really makes the door pop and becomes an eye catching piece of the home. The designer chose to put the door against the stone wall of this home, which is a great mixture of texture and colour. This door will definetly be memorable for all guests.

Blue obsession

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Cool blue exterior doorframe


Don't be afraid to go bold with colour with an entrance door. This door will be an unforgettable entrance for anyone visiting or even driving by. The base of the door is made of dark wood planks. The door then has a vertical panel of bold blue. The blue is really deep and pops against the black. That's not it, the door then is bordered in a lighter blue shade with thick paneling. The colour looks great with the black too, and is a nice compliment to the darker blue colour. The end result is a door that definetly pops and is full of eclectic style. 

Beautiful wood

This entrance door makes a statement with its beautiful wood structure. The door is a medium wood colour, traditional in size. The middle of the door has a long strip that is a lighter wood colourful which is a nice stylistic touch and brings uniqueness to this door. The door then has a small window in this panel, again a nice touch of personality. Finally there is a wide rectangular window at the top of the door, finishing off a great look for this entrance door.

Sliding doors

This entrance door is unique in design as it is a double door that slides open. The doors are based in a rich, dark brown wood. The majority of the door, however is made of glass paneling, which will provide great natural light into the home. The dark colour of the doors looks great with the light coloring of the outside of the home, adding tthat store and making the door stand out even more.

Hint of red

For an unexpected pop of colour, try outlining a door in a bold colour such as red. This door is a rich brown wood colour, with a sort of antique finish on the wood. What makes the door really stand out is the frames which is a really bold, deep red colour. The red looks beautiful against the rich brown of the door. It also looks good against the light colour of the stone wall of the home. The door is an unexpected pop of colour, adding much style and personality to the entrance of this home.

Modern and minimalist

This door feels like a grand, modern  minimalist entranceway for a sleek home. The door is made of a deep wood colour, with silver finishes. There is a long silver door handle that is modern in size. Both sides of the door are outfitted in large windows, allowing for light to flow into the home. The door is super sleek and modern, a perfect compliment to a modern, updated and minimalist home inside. 

Grand entrance

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Heliolux Design

Główne wejście do budynku

Heliolux Design

It doesn't get much more grand than this entrance door. The door is a double door and made of dark material. This stands out bold against the white surrounding windows, which have a unique design with them. These windows are the framed in an elegant and regal stone, the top of it having a more prominent design. With multiple stairs leading up to the door, this entrance door is definitely for those looking for rich, regal style. 

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