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6 Tips to remove dirt from the shower

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bathroom is believed to have a different kind of dirt based on the presence of water and moisture. If you are not careful, it can turn into horrible stains of lime or even black mold. The tubs and showers are the places most affected by these problems. However, with regular care, these problems can be solved. Here are a few cleaning tips that we have put together to help you get safely rid of mold or lime.

1. Reasons to clean lime or black mold

Two types of dirt can affect a shower irrespective of their appearance. First, is lime which is a mineral that impregnates the screens, taps or tiles of your shower. It creates a matte layer which prevents them from shining. Cleaning the faucets or hinges regularly is important since the lime accumulation can keep them from operating correctly. The other one is black mold which can generate living bacteria. This type of dirt or collection can even be a health risk. That is why it is recommended to clean your bathroom regularly. It will also make sure that the black mold does not become stronger and difficult to clean eventually.

2. Ammonia or hydrogen peroxide

Both methods are very effective for cleaning lime from bathroom tiles or cleaning the shower tray joints. However, the difference is that ammonia is a toxic product, while hydrogen peroxide is not. Also one needs to buy ammonia from a drugstore. Whereas, hydrogen peroxide is sold in pharmacies. For example, hydrogen peroxide is suitable for removing mold from any surface, while ammonia is only suitable for tiles and glass. However, the method of application is very similar in both cases. Both the products can be sprayed on the affected surfaces and must be allowed to dry well, before wiping them with a cloth.

3. Cleaning with vinegar and salt

The truth is that vinegar is the best anti-calc product that exists. In fact, most of the lime cleaners in the market have vinegar in their ingredient list. The lime where it is most visible in a shower is on the screens. Although it also accumulates in the faucet and the tiles. In any of these places cleaning with vinegar, salt and water are very simple. Mixing the ingredients and soaking the cloth in the solution will allow you to clean the surface thoroughly. Once you have cleaned the surface with the solution, make sure that you wipe it off with a dry cloth or a window wiper. It will allow the surface to shine like brand new.

4. Deep cleaning with hydro-caloric acid

If you are wondering about how to remove lime from shower? Then the answer is hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is a chemical formula used in household hygiene products. It is also known as murine acid. The effects of this product are extreme which is why most people use it to eliminate the black mold from their showers or bathtubs. However, one should use this product carefully. While using it, make sure that there is as much ventilation as possible. Also, never touch the acid directly, and always wear gloves. Also one should apply the solution with care only to the affected areas without splashing. After the solution has dried, for 30 minutes clean it with water and a dry cloth. You must keep the room well ventilated during the entire process.

5. Other cleaning methods

If you are still stuck on how to clean lime from shower then there are more products and remedies that you need to know about. However, they are believed to become a health problem, causing respiratory risks to certain people. For example cleaning glass or tiles with detergent is also an alternative. Although, it will not kill the mold fungi completely and it will remain there invisible for the time. On the other hand, there are also natural cleaning agents such as the tea tree oil. Whatever the method might be, the best thing is too deep clean the bathroom with an absolute regularity. Until the mold problem expands and gets worse, it is not a real headache. If it does then the only solution at the end is to call real professionals. These individuals are nothing more than the exterminators of such bacteria.

6. Use preventive measures

Black mold is inherent to moisture. That is why one can find it in the shower where water is always present. You can also see black mold appear in the joints of the tiles as they absorb water and steam. All corners and cracks within your bathroom can act as a place for the mold to grow. Sooner or later it is necessary to clean the room with any of the methods already mentioned. However, there are also preventive measures that one must take to stop them from growing. It is important to know about these methods before you start learning about how to clean the shower tray of mold. One of the simplest ways is not to leave the curtains drawn so that the water can dry completely and there are puddles formed. Another preventive remedy is to use borax or boron salt to clean. Its use does not develop mold spores. This can also achieve using grapefruit seed extract.

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