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22 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas

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While it’s not a particularly interesting part in imagining your dream house, storage is a very important factor in home design. The problem is homeowners often don’t anticipate how much storage they actually need. Whether the home is big or small, this complication can crop up in any room of the residence. After all, the amount of personal belongings one owns just accumulate endlessly over the years.

Especially in the kitchen. Everyone collects silverware and kitchen accessories from coffee mugs to fancy glasses to baking equipment as your cooking skills improves steadily. Eventually, the kitchen begins to overflow with all the stuff that’s been accumulated through time.

The problem of limited kitchen storage don’t just arise from shopper’s attack. In city condominiums, space is so limited that kitchens are usually small and narrow with very minimal storage or shelf space. That’s why it’s important to maximize the space with intelligent design. You might not be able to expand the kitchen area, but with some smarts and creativity you might be able to create storage out of seemingly nothing.

With handy design hacks, you might be able to fit everything you need in the kitchen. Here are 22 ingenious solutions to improve kitchen storage.

1. An idle wall can offer endless possibilities in terms of storage. Homeowners can transform an empty wall into a huge built-in cabinet that can hold a lot of kitchen supplies such as the modern closet featured below.

2. A practical and simple solution that you can actually achieve anytime you want: floating shelves. Floating shelves not only offer extra space for storage, but they can also act as a display.

3. Folding cabinet doors are a cool feature. They also don’t take up as much space upon opening or closing.

4. If you’re renovating, opt for special designs that can provide more flexibility. Check out the featured kitchen cabinet that has no corners, offering more space inside the closet.

5. Corner drawers is another storage solution that allows you to maximize every inch of space that’s available.

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Wiejska kuchnia
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

6. Here’s another potential DIY project: hang pots and pans on a wall rail. For small spaces, it provides additional space. Plus, it keeps the equipment on hand.

7. If you have a kitchenette, one potential solution to consider is to use the edges as racks and cupboards.

8. Kitchen cabinets do not have to be the same size, even in the same kitchen! Differently-sized cabinets can maximize the available space even small corners, and it makes the overall kitchen look more interesting.

9. An armoire-style kitchen cabinet can also be a good idea as it serves as a separate piece of furniture that can be used outside of the kitchen. If you choose the right one, it can be a stunning conversation piece in the dining room or living room.

10. Narrow shelves in between the U-shaped kitchen cabinets presents plenty of extra storage area.

11. Check out how this single unit that conveniently makes use of all the corners and edges available. Above, below and on the sides, this closet is one of the most innovative storage spaces around.

Professional kitchen designers can help out in conceptualizing and constructing your new kitchen layout.

12. Wheeled portable buffets – like the one below holding the fruits – add extra character to this charming kitchen. And you can simply roll it out to serve the fare!

13. No space to expand horizontally? Place your new cabinets up high. If it’s to high to reach on foot, get one of those stylish library staircases to help you out.

14. An amazingly efficient fix: a drawer within a drawer.

15. Customize the size and design of the kitchen cabinets according to need.

16. For an industrial feel throughout the home, try metal shelves hanging from the ceiling. Display your best glasses and plates here to show them off.

17. Clear jars can also allow you to transform regular kitchen ingredients into decorative pieces. It also lets you identify the food instantly while cooking.

18. This hanging coffee bar takes up very little space even containing everything you need to make the perfect brew every day.

19. Handy drawer organizers like this one are a life saver! With these, you get to maximize the space even inside the drawers.

20. Another simple space saver for smaller apartments: sliding doors.

21. Style and function combine in this modern design that lets homeowners hang their most stunning kitchen utensils on display.

22. Creative cabinet systems like this swiveling unit are becoming on trend.

To figure out the design of your entire cooking area, check out the 24 kitchen designs that are easy to make.

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