10 ideas for making your home’s entrance fabulous

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Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Klasyczny korytarz, przedpokój i schody
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 The entrance to your home, although not always valued, should be a an area that takes your breathe away. After all, it's here that we first encounter our homes at the end of a long work day, and where guests make their first impressions.

 Having a fantastic entry, in the style we most identify with, should be a priority and not an extra! To help in this endeavour, in today's article we’re bringing you several ideas and tips to make the entrance of your home fabulous. Let's get started…

1. Make an entrance with a single door

 Having a beautiful door makes every entrance or exit from home feel like it’s a scene in a Hollywood movie. The pivoting door is being used more and more in both houses and apartments, and it gives your home the necessary touch for a great entrance!

2. Glass and wood

 The combination of these two materials will make any space more elegant, warm and clean.

3. A combination of natural elements

 Once again we’re talking about wood, but also decorative elements incorporating flowers that will bring a unique freshness to your entrance.

 This time, the use of the glass in the door allows the hall a view of the shrubs in the garden; essentially using the garden outside in the interior’s aesthetics. On top of that, the glass allows direct natural light into the hallway.

4. Mix trends

 Mixing styles isn’t prohibited! Here we have an old portrait in a modern frame, along with a modern table and aged wallpaper. The idea is to mix elements that make sense to you, without the area being confused.

5. Have a predominant colour

 We’re not saying that your lobby should be all yellow, red, or green: what we we’re suggesting is that you choose a base colour and start decorating from there.

 Here we can see that the designers chose blue: presented in the wallpaper, in the decorative plates, in the cushions and in the carpet. This detail makes everything interconnected in a thematic way, which is very pleasing to the eyes.

6. Light on the stairs

 Whether in the form of window, skylight, or glass handrail, a staircase full of light makes it stand out from everything else.

7. Use lamps and mirrors

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill Martin Gardner Photography Klasyczny korytarz, przedpokój i schody
Martin Gardner Photography

Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill

Martin Gardner Photography

 In case you can’t apply the previous point, the ideal solution might be to use more flashing lamps and mirrors that increase the luminosity and the space itself.

8. Trendy tiles

 They’re so cute there’s no way we won’t feel at home with these tiles on the floor or wall!

9. Ornate ceilings

Curved beamed ceiling Arttus Klasyczny korytarz, przedpokój i schody

Curved beamed ceiling


 Be it in a modern or classical way, ornate ceilings with carved wood or crown-molding are a superb detail in any space.

10. Recovered elements

 Give your grandmother’s old dresser a second chance and put it back in the hall; it’ll endow the space with unique character and a striking appearance.

 Check out this article for more awesome entrance ideas.

 Translated from an article by Mariana Garcia.

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