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15 versatile walk-in closets that make dressing up a dream

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A beautifully designed bedroom combined with a separate walk-in closet is the dream of every woman. Perfectly arranged and sorted clothes, colour-coded shoes, handbags and accessories not only allow us to find our way through a pile of stuff, but bring a semblance of order to our lives. If you are dreaming of a dressing room fit for a star, these 15 exceptional wardrobes will set you down the path to organization.

1. Walk-in closet in the attic

The attic is a very problematic and a somewhat difficult space to use. Non-functional bevels hinder the way we can organize the area. The space is a great place for child's playroom, studio or perhaps a huge walk-in closet. 

2. Convenient shelves

This is a dressing room designed for a large apartment because to dedicate one room for just your clothes you better have a ton of extra space. If you can't afford such comforts, don’t worry.  You can install high-end shelves in your closet or use them to section of an area of your room to create a separate space where you can relax and get ready. 

3. Lovely in white

Dressing rooms that feature white are a very practical idea. Sometimes the accumulation of different coloured clothes and accessories in one place can cause chaos and confusion. Thanks to the open white space the area becomes more subdued and orderly.

4. Seating area

Every wardrobe should have a comfortable seat, footstools or chaise longue, so one can get organized when choosing the right set of clothes to put on. Besides, this adds to the overall comfort and functionality of the room.

5. The romantic version

A stunning crystal chandelier, an ornate mirror or mirrored stool are all items that make this wardrobe look elegant and charming. All these elements help create a light and romantic atmosphere.

6. Mirror reflection

In every wardrobe, there should be a huge mirror. One where you can easily check your outfit and eventually switch up what isn’t working if need be. Like the kitchen can’t do without a refrigerator or stove, a dressing room has no right to exist without a fabulous looking glass!

7. Chic glass doors

Here is another example of a wardrobe in the attic. It can be fun to connect the wardrobe with a studio or office area. Through the glass doors we can separate the two spaces without overwhelming the interior, creating a very modern and extravagant atmosphere in the room.

8. Minimalist style

White is a neutral colour, sober and suitable for any space.This being true, it explains why it's so readily and widely used by interior designers. A white arrangement can brighten the interior, give it transparency and visually enlarge the space. Keeping it classic and minimal.

9. Organized closet

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA Campbell Watson GarderobaSzafy i komody
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

If you want maximum functionality in your wardrobe you need to be properly organized. That means having everything in the right place. This way you will save yourself lots of time when searching for a favourite outfit.

10. Creative version

A dressing room is not just about drawers, racks and shelves. It’s also a space that can be an interesting and creative way to organize. You can add your personal style to the decor, mirror, wall art and lightning for example. These are some creative ways you can add your own flair and make your wardrobe feel uniquely you.

11. Elegant wardrobe

Dark brown leather and subtle lighting give this dressing room an elegant feel. In this example there is ample seating areas, and the room is wonderfully optimized with shelving for all your storage needs.

12. Eclectic wardrobe

Natural light, soft carpet with a long range of colourful elements in the chairs bring a playful charm and warmth to the space. If you are looking for more ways you can spruce up your furniture and decor, homify has a ton of creative professionals who can help you out.

13. Feminine touch

Pink curtains, plush seating in the midst of a pink floral bedspread create a very feminine and captivating landscape. Additionally, the illuminated shelving makes this dressing room feel extra luxurious. For more dressing room must-have's browse through: 7 steps to a dream dressing room.

14. Timeless classics

Neutral colours, clean lines and soft lighting are all elements of a fantastically laid out dressing room. Everything has a place and the wardrobe feels organized when everything is easily accessible.

15. Room with a view

A simple, minimalist dressing room, where the main attraction is the fantastic view from the window. The coloured carpet contrasts with the clear arrangement nicely, making the entire space express itself vibrantly and effectively. 

If you want to explore even more dressing room designs, be sure to browse homify's huge selection.

We know it's hard to pick a favourite wardrobe from this amazing list, but if you had to choose… which one would it be? 

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