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6 amazing armchair designs

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When we think of armchairs, the first word that springs to the mind is comfort. Maybe it was the chair reserved for an older family member, or the chair used for long reads in a quiet room – an armchair epitomises warmth, and the home. Despite the perception that armchairs are reserved for an older décor, you'd be surprise to learn that there are many fantastic contemporary interpretations of the armchair. 

See how the inclusion of an armchair can add that extra dimension to a room, as well as a necessary comfy seating option. Here at homify, we aim to show you how an armchair could be perfect in a room of your home.

Alternative edge

Perhaps you might be thinking this armchair has been stolen from the set of a sci-fi movie. Though it does have an almost futuristic look to it, don't let the unique design put you off. The curved leather backing looks incredible and encloses those who choose to sit on it. A striking red shade enhances the chairs unique look and is placed consciously within the room to interplay with the matching red shade of the wall. This armchair has a genuine alternative edge and would be a valued inclusion in any living space. 

Rocking chair

An armchair can be a great inclusion to a bedroom that's in need of something special. Sandra Dages have chosen a simple, yet tasteful rocking chair that brings a fresh dynamic to the space, and some valued extra comfortable furnishing. Perhaps to be used to sit and relax in some much needed privacy, or maybe the rocking motion can help nurse a baby or young child to sleep. No matter how it is used, this chair will be a great addition to the room. 

Gather round

Bonito Designs Bangalore are the interior design professionals responsible for this fantastic living room. This is a room designed to be inclusive and for spending quality time with the family. Placement of the seating invites interaction and discussions amongst family members rather than being solely focused upon watching television. Large and comfy cushions on the two armchairs and sofa will be appreciated for unwinding after a long day. 

Vintage leather

1960s tan leather Skipper chair Archive Furniture SalonKanapy i fotele
Archive Furniture

1960s tan leather Skipper chair

Archive Furniture

Vintage furniture is undergoing a pulsating revival in modern home décor. There are countless armchair designs influenced from bygone eras which can help create a retro feel in the home. How about a 1960s tan leather armchair? Picture this chair fitting perfectly in a study or bedroom to be used as a comfy seat for work or long reads. 

Style and silk

The pattern silk armchairs work as a great combination in this space. Set between a small table, sitting here with a friend and catching up over a coffee or two will be a fantastic way to waste away an afternoon. Placing a pair of armchairs in an unappreciated space such as a conservatory or a landing area can be a great way of breathing new life into a room. Here we see how adding a pillow or two can add a delicate touch. 

Doubling up

Lets end with something a little different. Perhaps this armchair could be added to a teenagers bedroom to transform the space into a fresh and comfy haven. Allnatura have selected an armchair that doubles to be a futon in one swift motion. The innovative functionality could provide a place to sleep for a visiting friend or family member. 

Searching for tranquillity in the home? Take a look at the ideabook below. 

Tranquillity in the home

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