22 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're 30

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Our homes are a reflection of our inner state of mind – so it’s a natural process to want to change up your home as you grow older. But many of us do it in bit by bit and end up with a haphazard collection of things you no longer need as you get older. It's not a good look for anyone! After all, the distinctive look of student housing is certainly not a look you want to continue once you hit your thirtieth year of life on this earth.

So what are the items that should be banished from your home after you hit 30? Well, there are a few common elements to consider. Let’s check them out through – of course – a series of beautiful (and not so beautiful) photos.

1. Plastic chairs

Sure plastic chairs are sturdy, practical and cheap. But they are a tell-tale sign of transient, student life and don't have a place in your adult home.

2. Old diplomas

When you're twelve, it might seem impossibly grown-up to frame your school certificates and put any trophys on the mantlepiece. But it's impossibly passé after 30. They belong in a box of nostalgia and nowhere else!

3. Inadequate storage and clutter in the kitchen

By thirty, you should have mastered a little self control and some organisational tricks. So set up your containers, do some research on storage ideas and avoid that clutter. 

4. A living room without a hint of life

Metamorfoza salonu 19m2, Auraprojekt Auraprojekt

Metamorfoza salonu 19m2


Lots of students share housing and don't get too invested in the look of the communal spaces. But at thirty, your dwelling should properly reflect your personality and tastes. 

Decide on a colour theme and add some life and style

Metamorfoza salonu 19m2, Auraprojekt Auraprojekt

Metamorfoza salonu 19m2


So add your favourite colours and decorations. It doesn't have to look like your parents' home, but it should reflect more than just the basics.

5. A patio without seating

It's very easy to overlook the outdoor area when you are just starting to explore the indoor living areas. But a patio is a precious thing. So get some seating options so you actually spent time out there.

Better to have simple furniture or even oversized cushions

Outdoor furniture doesn't have to be complicated or even expensive. Just a few simple items will do the trick.

6. An incomplete dinner set

It's all very lovely when people gift you plates and crockery when you first move out of home. But this means you have an eclectic collection of items that may not even reflect your taste. Give it all away to other young ones and set yourself up with a proper, matching dinner set.

7. A temporary mattress on the ground

This one is really unforgivable after thirty. Unless you are really seriously exploring a minimalist Japanese look with style, give up on the mattress on the ground and invest in a bed!

Or a lack of adequate head support

Not just a bed, but one with a proper headrest and perhaps some style too.

Far better to add extra cushions and plush bedroom furnishings

Like this! A lick of paint, four comfy pillows and some great matching side lamps make all the difference.

8. An unwelcoming or bare entrance

The entrance, like the patio is all too easy to neglect when you're dealing with the indoor areas. But it's the first place guests see and it really sets the tone of the home.

Make guests feel welcome with dedicated lighting or just some friendly houseplants

Plants are the domain of an adult! They show you can care for something and perhaps even make it thrive. Lighting is another important part of making over the entrance area.

9. Lavish elements just for show

Some people attempt to 'adult up' their home by adding lavish items meant to impress. Think about what you love to look at and follow your instincts.

10. Dirty or damaged walls, get some spak filler and repair those holes

Walls receive a lot of damage over time with hooks, pictures and adhesives. Invest in some filler and patch up those walls. 

11. Abandoned or unused items from the past

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

Old unused items of no particular value will drain energy from the home. So go through that pile of boxes or papers and be decisive about what to throw out and what to properly store. 

12. Furniture with damaged edges

It is very easy to leave those little repairs in the home for another day. But once you are over thirty, you should be able to control how you spend your time. So set aside a few hours to patch up all those little repairs. You'll be amazed at how little time it will take. 

16. Dirty kitchen cupboards

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

There is a difference between ordinary cleaning and deep cleaning. So bring out the cleaning products (white vinegar is fantastic) and clean the grubby covers of your cupboards.

17. Dangling wires

신혼집 20평대 self interior, toki toki

When we are installing new electrical items, it's easy to focus on your fancy new screen and forget to ever set up the wiring properly. All you need to do is get a few of those tiny little plastic hooks to make them tidy. They are incredibly cheap too.

18. Bare and unloved living spaces

There is a difference between minimalism and unfurnished. One has a sense of balance, scale and interest while the other is simply unloved.

19. Neglected plants

You don't need to be a genius to make plants grow. Just find out the name of the species, google to find some idea of ideal living conditions and get into a routine of checking on their progress.

20. A sinking sofa

Old spring sofas age really badly. Avoid this look if you can help it!

21. Disorganised desk

This study hardly looks like a welcoming place in which to get some real work done. By now you have settled into your plans for life and your study should reflect this.

A home office like this is far better

A home office like this doesn't take much time to set up and will give your work life a real boost in energy.

22. Childish themes

We will assume you don't have a princess theme in the bedroom, or a rug illustrating a little boy's racing track. But well… . just in case you do, it's probably time to change things up.

It really helps to check out as much home ideas as possible, keep going with 6 small apartments that use their space creatively.

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