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A single-family home, where every room is beautiful

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Why have an ordinary home, when you could hire an architect to create you an EXTRAORDINARY one? It's hardly rocket science is it? If you are planning a new home build, you should get something that not only fulfils your wants and needs, but looks incredible and unique too and that's exactly what the owners of today's home got! Though certain angles of this house make it look traditional, when you see the inside, you'll see that simply blending in was not part of the plan!

A home fit for a family!

Don't you just find this home amazingly cute? It looks like every child's drawing of their home and that really evokes feelings of familiarity and nostalgia that feel comforting and welcoming. There are some clever touches though, such as snappy little unexpected windows, corner glazing and wooden accents that we want to investigate further!

Wonderful wood.

The wooden strips that finish the underside of the roof overhand are nothing short of charming and offer such a delightful contrast against the bright white render. Including the wood in various places helps to create a cohesive design as well, so you can just see it peeping through next to the dormer window here. A matching garage door really is the perfect finishing touch too! 

Extra space.

While this family home must have been designed with a certain number of people in mind, it never hurts to have access to some valuable extra space, which is why this beautiful garden room is such a treat! Fixed to the side of the house, it is in a prime location for trapping natural sunlight and heat and, we think, really gives the facade a different look. Gorgeous!

Funky furnishing.

We don't think the exterior of this home really gave any hints as to how the inside would be decorated, but we still find ourselves a little surprised here! Perhaps we were expecting more minimalism, but the daring statement wallpaper, highly polished floor and designer lighting in this living room all has us very excited! What a way to make a family home a whole lot more fashionable!

Dining out in style.

Yum! Modern, sleek and a little bit fun thanks to some piquant table mats and flowers, this dining space is absolutely what we'd want to see as we gathered for dinner! It's great to see that the open-plan layout of this ground floor can be so easily divided up into separate functions too, with the dining table offering a neat segue into the kitchen.

Coordinated colour.

Not only is this a fantastically well laid out kitchen, we are also besotted with the use of three colours on the drawer fronts! A truly amazing use of natural wood to mimic the floor and the roof trim, stark white to maintain the pared back feel and anthracite grey to blend in with appliances, these drawers look phenomenal. 

Private spaces.

It's always nice to see that private bedrooms have been given a personal touch and this teen's room really does look the part! An angled roof offers no complications, as low furniture is in place and a bust feature wall really detracts from it. With double doors opening out onto a balcony as well, this bedroom really must feel spacious!

Bright and clean.

Even the smaller rooms in this family home feel big and bold, thanks to beautiful colour and material choices. The plain white walls here contrast with patterned tiles wonderfully well and floating storage ensures that as much floor space as possible is kept free. Wow!

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