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An empty home's sparkling makeover

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The historically and artistically rich capital of Italy has drawn our attention today, and we are in northern Rome close to the Milvian Bridge. It's here we chance upon a home which was once a drab affair with gloomy interiors and a shabby decor scheme. But the owners knew that some simple but clever changes and additions could perk things up in the apartment. So they approached the talented home stagers at Stage Ro by Roberta Anfora before they put their abode on sale. And the transformation the stagers brought about with beautiful textures, cosy furnishings and bright colours will take your breath away! A thorough cleaning, arty touches and the inclusion of organic elements have turned this residence into a delightful modern sanctuary for the busy urban dweller. Let's see how they did it…

Before: bleak and blank

The living room lay bare and listless before the makeover, with its dingy walls and lack of cosy touches. Inadequate lighting only added to the woes.

After: a bright, white space

Now the living space shines with newfound brilliance, thanks to the pristine freshly-painted walls and arty chandelier. A couple of quirky and modern chairs in black and cream offer stylish seating, while a simple white rug contrasts the earthy-looking floor nicely. A chic tripod lamp, trendy tables, abstract artworks and sheer drapes complete the look of this room. The decorative vases and candles on the striped sideboard and the patterned cushions add a generous dose of pizzazz.

Before: a thoroughly gloomy entrance

The hallway previously lacked brightness or homely touches. The ageing walls were a disappointment too, and the space cried out for a welcoming energy.

After: cosy and cheery

With fresh white paint on the walls and a quirky chandelier matching the one in the living room, the entrance is now an inviting area with oodles of warmth. A sleek wrought iron bench with chequered seat and stylish cushions makes it easy to wait or take off shoes after entering the abode. The stylishly-framed monochromatic artworks behind it spice up the wall and lend visual interest to the space.

Before: lacklustre kitchen

The walls and floor in the kitchen were fine, but the space lacked aesthetic appeal and personality. Also, the sink cabinet looked unbecoming. So the stagers decided to add some funk and unique charm to the kitchen to make it cosier and more inviting.

After: happy and fresh

We love how the sink cabinet has been draped with simple but elegant white covers for a neat and modern look. Sheer and dreamy drapes at the window, quirky wall decor and a plush green floor mat make for a comfy feel here. The spherical paper lantern hanging from the ceiling, a couple of nature-inspired artworks and a quaint seating arrangement in sleek white are stylish touches too. The potted greens bring in a touch of freshness and make the kitchen a homely and familiar place.

Before: a dingy bathroom

Dirty fittings, an unbecoming black toilet seat and some unnecessary fixtures made this bathroom a shabby and dreary space. It hardly promised any rejuvenation in its previous guise.

After: a magical pastel makeover

The tiles and floor were thoroughly scrubbed clean, and the walls painted afresh to make the bathroom more inviting. A pretty sheer curtain now hangs at the sunny window, while some quaint artworks deck the wall for aesthetic delight. Drab fixtures were removed and the black toilet seat was replaced with a new white one. We especially adore the cosy touches that the stagers brought in like the soft towels, the ceramic jug holding beautiful white flowers, and a vintage tub full of lush greenery.  

So the once drab and nondescript home is now a fresh, charming and pretty place to live in with its lively hues and pleasing textures. For more ideas, check out another transformation story: The miraculous revamp of a terrible terrace.

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